My story

I started MFB Productions, an advertising / marketing / public relations agency, after graduating from Boston University. Over the agency’s two-decade long history it gained a reputation for outstanding creative, exceptional broadcast production and strategic planning. We served local, regional and national clients included banks, developers, utilities, health and medical manufacturers, automotive companies and media companies. We also wrote and produced medical television programming on heart disease, multiple sclerosis and orthopedic surgery.

After being approached by one of my clients, I closed the agency and became the VP of Marketing for Ivoclar Vivadent NA, an international manufacturer of dental products. There I managed a marketing department responsible for product development as well as creative services. During my tenure at Ivoclar, we introduced a host of dental products and enjoyed significant market growth. I was also a principal architect in the development of “The Esthetic Revolution in Dentistry” a broad-based marketing platform designed to highlight the health and cosmetic aspects of dentistry to the industry and the consumer.

Following my time at Ivoclar I have been a partner in The Dawson Center, a continuing education teaching institute for dentists and dental technicians and worked with dental related companies including The Las Vegas Institute, Jameson Management, the Piper Education and Resource Center, Ivoclar Vivadent Inc., AvaDent Digital Dentures and individual dental practices.

Now as president of Brennan & Associates, Inc., I am working with clients on projects ranging from brand development, new product introduction, sales programs, consumer education programs, social networking projects, as well as B2B and B2C programs.