Looking for more removable patients in your market?

We are dedicated to helping dentists across the country increase production through the identification and education of removable patients. We can now offer you a highly-qualified list of denture patients within a defined geographic area surrounding your practice.

High Quality List.
The list is an aggregate of individuals who have purchased denture related products in pharmacies and swiped their membership/rewards card. In addition the list contains the names of individual who have been surveyed by national retirement organizations, as well as other groups, and have requested this type of information be sent to them. The data is updated every 30 days. All postal addresses are run through NCOA software every 30 days and CASS certified every 90 days for accuracy.

Choose your area.
You can choose a 10 mile radius, or more. We have had practices with as little as 300 names or as many as 7000 names within a given radius.


  1. Get the count. Fill out the information below with the address of your practice and we will send you the number of records available within a 5, 10 and 15 mile radius of your practice. (There is no obligation or cost to get the count)
  2. Decide how many names you want from the available list in your area. The cost per name is $.25. We will send you an excel file with all the information.
  3. Send a letter or direct mail piece to the people on the list to tell them about your removable services.

Fill out the form below to get the number of denture wearer records available in your area. It’s Free!